After a successful 2017 expedition we are excited to announce a new expedition with new opportunities to connect with the Pacific Ocean.


  • Become part of life-changing medical outreach and research projects

  • Live aboard the Infinity, our beautiful 120 ft. sailing yacht 

  • Explore the clear ocean waters, secret island caves, and pristine reefs

  • Volunteer for just 11 days minimum or much more!

  • Engage with a rich and timeless culture that you’ll never forget

  • Be trained onboard to run our world-changing projects

What does an expedition with the Floating foundation look like?

2018 Expedition 

Due to high demand, we are taking expressions of interest in our 2018 expeditions before the itinerary has been finalised.


11th August - 22nd September

Ha'apai Group, Kingdom of Tonga

29th September - 17 November

Vava'u Group, Kingdom of Tonga

1st December - 15th December

Fiji (Eastern regions)


Dive, calculate, process, sample, fail, try again and discover.

Work alongside a great team of new friends as we take on the challenge of understanding and solving the big problems.

With new projects to start, fresh minds and enthusiasm is key to making an impact.

This is a chance to experience and engage in science, the environment and community.


Ancient Polynesian Island peoples navigated long distances using the stars and the motion of the Pacific ocean. They are the original guardians of the ocean.

Volunteer with our community projects to bring medical self reliance training to remote islands. Work to engage locals in our research work and find solutions to problems. A hugely rewarding and exciting project.


All volunteers are trained for their projects on board the Infinity. While appreciated, no existing medical, research, or marine experience is required. All we seek are people like you, people who want to create positive change in our world. Volunteers are provided with all necessary equipment, as well as all food and accommodation.


There is a cost per day for volunteers, this covers food, accomodation, training, supplies and supports the projects we engage in. We work hard to raise funding for each expedition to make it affordable for as many as possible.


Volunteers are our core. People and connections can change the world, and you're about to take a step towards amplifying your connections, your experiences, and your ability to change the world. This is your chance for a real adventure.


Fill out the form below, have a Skype with us. Just a chat. That's all it takes to change everything.