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Floating Foundation VIP donor opportunities

The Floating Foundation has made a measurable impact in the South Pacific - while being self funded, developing income streams to cover expedition costs.

We've been using borrowed boats for three years and if the project is to expand it's time to take the next step.

We are looking for those who are ready to support a dynamic, action focused organisation in building a strong future.



High value donors help shape the future of our work. Bring fresh ideas and talents to the business of protecting the Pacific.

Name a room

Large donations towards our new vessel come with a reward. Name a room, or the laboratory after someone you admire. Or your dog. 

Expedition time

Our VIP donors are welcome to join our expeditions and special events. Have a taste of life on a research boat, join us for an adventure.

Lasting Touch

Supporting our new vessel and our projects will enable a longer reach into the Pacific. More projects in communities and more research and science.

Funding Goals for 2018

$30,000 USD

Current Level  

$100,000 USD

Purchase new vessel


$260,000 USD

Ship refitted for expedition


Our team is already carrying out due diligence on three vessels in New Zealand.

We welcome your interest in the process and hope you will be there for the official launch of the refitted ship!


$350,000 USD

Ships dive gear and lab installed

$450,000 USD

Ship and crew funded for 18 months

Funding Goals
Meet Craig Koning,
our founder.

Let me tell you about our boat

We have paid the deposit and gone unconditional on a

110 foot, steel, long range fishing boat!

We have until March 28th to raise the rest of the $150,000 USD to purchase the vessel.


Our refit plan is to install 4 VIP cabins, a large 16 ft (5m) x 16 ft (5m) conference room and de-rust and pain the entire vessel so she looks amazing.

With her new lab, dive gear, solar rig, and accomodations she will be an amazing low cost vessel to support our operations.


Ok, she looks a bit rough now,

but we have a vision. With your help, we are turning this

fish-killing machine into an

ocean-saving machine!

What will we create together?


Our ship is a platform for scientists and researchers to gain access to the environmental frontline to observe, record and test solutions.

Coral growth

Marine Reserves

Plastic Pollution 


Climate change


Fighting for legislative change.

Education to change behaviours.


Empowering everyday people.

International teams of volunteers, working with locals and NGO partners.

A community dedicated to making a difference in the Pacific



A ship that will connect people from across the globe to the Pacific.


A model for future ships in new and important oceans. Filling important knowledge gaps and empowering partner NGO's to be more effective.

To be a flagship for hope in the Pacific Ocean

Sponsorship Opportunities

Founding Members
$100,000+ USD

As a Floating Foundation Founding Member, you'll be a key supporter for a dynamic, driven organisation with a proven history of action. You'll be crucial to the life and longevity of the Floating Foundation and the work we do. Our Founding Member sponsorship oppurtunities are limited to four individuals or organisations contributing $100,000 or more. 

Founding members will do more that simply launch a research boat. The support, financial and otherwise is jumpstarting a new approach to solving problems in remote areas. As the Floating Foundations influence grows, future expansion to new areas, new vessls and bigger projects willl be the legacy of an initial belief in the Foundation. 


Our Founding members will get an inside look into operations and be kept up to date with personal videos and communications about each research and charity project.

While we are building one physical platform from which much will be achieved, it is the approach and model that is going to create the most impact as the Floating Foundation expands it's influence brings more opportunities across the Pacific.

Premier Supporters

Have a hand in supporting essential research work and engaging remote communities by directly supporting vital equipment we need for operations. Watch as what you help us to purchase gets used by an international community in support of essential proejcts for the environment and island communities.

SCUBA Dive Equipment 
$28,000 USD

We need to field divers in remote locations consistently. For this we wish to purchase safe and high quality equipment to have four divers in the water twice a day. SCUBA tanks will be recharged aboard.

On top of tanks, regulators, BCD’s and wetsuits, we also need dive computers, knives, compasses, safety gear, slates, underwater lights and more. You’ll be responsible for extensive research work, recreation and training for our volunteers and the communities we work with.

Fast boat sponsor (x2)
$28,000 USD

Sponsor and name one of our tenders. They are used every day for taking divers out, meeting with villages, getting supplies, rescues, evacuations and heading to the beach for a day off.

This tender will be 23 foot (7m) with a 60hp motor, GPS, radio and safety equipment. Name this boat after your family, pet or hero and delight in seeing her put to use for the good of our oceans.

Laboratory sponsor
$35,000 USD

This key area is going to be set deep in the ship for temperature stability and isolation from distractions and ship movement. As a result, more investment is needed to provide airflow, water, drainage and to modify the hold of the ship.

On top of the space, key equipment will be required. New microscopes, a complex filtration system, dissection kits, cleaing equipment and chemicals. Being able to provide our researchers with great gear will help towards our goals. Digital microscopes running a live feed to a big screen and the large space will allow the lab to double as a classroom as we explore the mysteries of our world.
This sponsor will be able to name the lab and have their legacy live on with the science carried out within.

Safety Champion
$12,000 USD

 The safety of all our crew is paramount. Our safety sponsor is taking care of those who are there dedicating their time and money to care for the ocean and her inhabitants. 
Lifejackets, satellite beacons, radios, flares, AIS transponders and other safety equipment will keep our crew safe.

Your sponsorship here is greatly appreciated. Out in the ocean, we have to be totally self-reliant and having the correct equipment to find lost crew and help others is vital.


Thank you for your support


We value your time and interest

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