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Our medical volunteers do not need any prior medical knowledge or training. They come from all over the globe, learn, and pitch in to train medics in outer island villages. Get to know them here:​

Janet has travelled throughout Polynesia by boat at least 35 times in her life. Last time she was in Vava’u, she spent 11 days moving throughout the island group via sea kayak. Janet spent her career running a flower farm near St. Luis Obispo, California, and now spends her time ballroom dancing

and traveling the globe.

Joe completed medical school in Melbourne, Australia followed by a specialized honors year at Oxford. He’ll soon become a fully-trained internal medicine specialist and will continue

working at the Austin toward becoming a Cardiologist. Joe focuses on advancements in treating heart failure and improving the lives of patients who have experienced heart failure.

After studying health science and social science, Jess focused in on nursing so that she

could work closely with people while continuously learning about health. She believes that spreading health information is a vital part of developing a healthy society. Jessica grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved with her family to Melbourne, Australia where she now move from the Cardiac post-surgical ward to the ICU at the Austin.

Ameilia grew up in Taranaki but now lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she works as a

Social Media Manager for an insurance company focused on insuring modified vehicles.

Ameilia developed a love for motoring during high school and picked up a role as a motoring columnist while completing her studies in journalism. She loves both racing and writing, but says she may have chosen nursing had she not chosen journalism as a


Barwin grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and moved to Sydney after completing dental

school, backpacking through India, and traveling to Hong Kong where he kicked off his career as a Dentist. When he was young, Barwin enjoyed fly fishing with his Grandfather – an experience which taught him that he loved to use his hands. His time with the Floating Foundation marks his third trip to Tonga. During his previous trip, Barwin helped build a school. He hopes to spend more of his time traveling and volunteering.

Craig is a second-year Floating Foundation medical volunteer. He lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand as an IT administrator at Ricoh. With a background in design, Craig

enjoys flexing his creative muscle through slam and stand-up poetry. His positive attitude and enthusiasm for adventure brought a whole new perspective to our 2017 Floating Foundation crew; Craig lives with MELAS, a degenerative muscle disease, which has led to four strokes, frequent seizures, and physical challenges which he chooses to handle with grace each day of his life. Craig’s positivity and perseverance has served as a source of inspiration for the Floating Foundation crew and island medic trainees alike.

Vicky has been traveling to and living in different countries since the age of 18. She has taught Gailic football in Chicago, followed the sun to Australia and ran an orphanage in Cambodia. She travelled through Laos, Vietnam, India, the UK, France, and more until she landed in New Zealand where she lives and works for Ricoh. Vicky started an organization

called Aware which works with the government in Ireland to promote awareness around mental health issues and provides counsel

ling for troubled youth. As an active contributor to many non-profit philanthropic organizations, Vicky feels that it is important to connect with and uplift communities from all over the globe and with an array of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Elaine grew up in South Africa and moved to New Zealand 12 years ago. She is kicking off a

new phase of travel and exploration by joining the Floating Foundation as a medical volunteer.

Ryan is a civil engineer from Sydney, Australia who enjoys contributing to community

development projects and traveling in ways that allow him to experience new cultures.

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