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Reuniting with Susi

On our third day in Vava’u, we visited Matamaka village where Craig reunited with old friends and new contacts. When Susi appeared from the bottom of a hill by the village school where we stood as a group, Craig’s eyes lit up. They ran to hug one another, and he brought her to us with as warm an introduction as any of the others he had made. But his cadence when introducing Susi told me that her past work as a Floating Foundation trainee meant something special to Craig. And then, with a modest smile, she began the story of a boy who had come to her not long ago with a deep and alarming wound on his hand. She cared for him using methods and supplies that she had acquired the year before, and then sent him to the main hospital for professional care to ensure there would be no further damage. When he returned, she explained, he told her that the doctor at the hospital asked who had cared for his injury, and that whomever it was knows what they’re doing. He hardly needed any more care than Susi had already given him. We listened intently, captivated by the shy pride that she had mustered the courage to express to us. When she offered to help us out with new village visitations this year, we all nearly burst with positive affirmation.

The smiles beaming from everyone’s faces in that moment confirmed what we had already known: we’ve made the right choice in coming on board this project. We’re about expand upon the essential impact that has already been made to 7 new villages (10 in total). We’re here, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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