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This Sunday past, the Floating Foundation was lucky enough to attend the PURE Tour NZ conference and launch at the awesome Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Education Hub in Auckland City. Conservationists, scientists, NGO’s, and government came together to share what they have learned on the devastating global problem that is ocean plastic pollution.

The event was facilitated by Algalita Marine Research and Education, Para Kore NZ, and featured global conservation warriors Anna Cummins and Marcus Erikson, the founders of the 5 Gyres. Anna and Marcus spoke about some disturbing realities regarding ocean plastics, but also shared a spark of hope with us, setting the tone for a day of inspiration and learning.

As well as Marcus and Anna, we heard from incredible minds including environmental anthropologist Trisia Farrelly, and restorative ecologist and PhD candidate St

eph Borelle. What really brought it home for us was seeing our good friend Ana Markic speak: Ana spent three months with us last year collecting and analysing samples for her micro plastics research project, a topic that has become very close to our hearts.

PURE Tour NZ will host events all the way down the North Island with the overarching intent to ban single use plastic bags in 2018, prioritize a national strategy for plastic waste reduction, and encourage investing in research on plastic contamination in Aotearoa. They will end the tour with a march to the Beehive in Wellington to call on parliament to make these goals a reality (so please come along, Wellingtonian friends!).

We met so many like-minded individuals who are so passionate about their cause. One of the themes of the day turned out to be connection between NGO’s - many of us are working toward similar goals, so why not work together? The Floating Foundation is super excited to be moving further into plastic pollution research and reduction, and now with exciting new projects and partners!

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Raquelle from Algalita (who will soon have a Pacific branch!) and Tina from Para Kore for putting this tour together, and we highly encourage you to check out the PURE Tour NZ Facebook page for details of events near you. We’ve put the link below.

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