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Our Medics Rescue a Stroke Victim in Otea Village

A woman collapsed in her home in Otea village early yesterday morning. Her family ran to get Susi, our trained island medic currently stationed for training in Otea, and Salome, one of our five medics-in-training. The medics rushed to the patient’s home where they quickly identified signs of a stroke and acted accordingly. Susi called the hospital for an ambulance at the closest point on the main island, Talihau. Salome stayed with the patient to stabilize her and formulate a mobilization plan. Susi then called us ashore from our nearby anchorage to assist with more efficient transport of the patient in our tender.

When we arrived on the scene, our medic duo had the patient ready to go. Our group and the patient’s family helped carry the patient to our tender where we administered oxygen from our portable tank during transport. The ambulance met us in Talihau minutes later, though it felt like a lifetime of waiting. The Vava’u VHF radio network worked hard to track the ambulance, various people announce the whereabouts of the flashing lights and sirens en route to us.

​Some of the team went to the main island later in the day and caught up with the patient in the Neiafu hospital. The hospital staff told us they were impressed with Susi and Salome. They had done a great job, they said. Without our medics there to help, the outcome may have been far worse for the patient. Instead, she lay awake and smiling in the hospital and would be kept overnight for monitoring.

The way that this episode played out shows us the growing strength in the independent health network that we’re working hard to build. Our medics acted with a calm confidence that we couldn’t have been more proud to witness. Their demonstrated dedication to strengthening their communities is a powerful and consistent source of inspiration for the Floating Foundation team and the Vava’u island group at large.

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