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Meet the Southern Progress - our new home!

Our journey took an interesting turn this year. Last year, after an amazing expedition on the INCREDIBLE ship 'Infinity' in Tonga, we decided we needed our own boat to expand our operations. We're very sad not to be returning to the Infinity, which, along with Captain Clemens and his family, gave us an utterly unforgettable experience for five months. However, we know better than most that change is the only constant.

We hunted for weeks and weeks, looking for the perfect vessel to fit our complex needs. We found a few, and they were okay. We visited Lyttleton to view the 'Southern Progress'. She was a fishing ship, she had rats, she was dirty, and full of fishing gear. We fell in love!

We saw her potential. We knew there would be a lot of work involved getting her ready for our 2018 expedition, and in such a short time. We envisioned new accommodation, communal spaces, an outdoor galley, a lab, and so much more. And we decided to make it happen.

We spent four weeks down in Lyttleton, cleaning, scrubbing, scraping, mopping, and doing engine work. It was tough, and every day we would fall into bed absolutely shattered, but so excited for the next day. At some points, it felt like the whole world was against us. We spent hours and hours negotiating with the port, with environmental organisations, with brokers and divers and fishing companies and everyone else. And we made it out alive!

Two days ago, Craig and his crew arrived in Auckland with the Southern Progress. She's docked docked at Wynyard Quarter, in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. Today our first volunteers arrived to help us with the refit, and we’re off to a great start!

The Southern Progress is our new home. A floating base for our community of global thinkers, ocean-lovers, land-dwellers, story-tellers, scientists, doctors, and adventure-seekers. It’s going to take a village to transform this fish-killing macine into something truly epic, and we’re so grateful for our crew, our friends, our family, and everyone who stops in to say hi.

We have little under three months to prepare her for passage to Tonga in August, and we’re so excited to see her slowly morph into her true potential.

We’ve opened applications for our 2018 expedition to Tonga and Fiji, on the Southern Progress. If you want to join the craziness, you can apply on the ‘Volunteer’ page on our website. We’d love to have you.

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