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Medical Volunteer Donates School Supplies to Matamaka Village GPS

When Amelia Ritchie decided to join the Floating Foundation as a medical volunteer, her Mom’s first question was “how can I help?” A few weeks later, Ameilia’s Mom, Vicki Ritchie, organized a series of efforts to gather school supplies for Amelia to bring to Tonga for donation to Matamaka Village GPS.

As the Associate Principle at Inglewood Primary School, Vicki was met with enthusiasm by the schoolteachers and students alike. The children had a few lessons in Tongan culture and later participated in disco events where they collected gold coin donations and much-needed school supplies.

Amelia has kept the students at Inglewood updated during her time in Tonga. She led teachings on various medical subjects in the villages of Taunga and Nuapapu, and had a chance to spend time at the public school in Matamaka where school teachers Ryne Tucker and Nasili Tokolahi happily received the donations alongside the school children from Matamaka GPS. The Floating Foundation has had so many volunteers go above and beyond this yaer, and we couldn’t thank Amelia and Vicki enough for teaching the students of Inglewood about giving and sharing with students far away, but not unlike themselves.

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