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Updated: Jan 22, 2018

My name is Simone. I’m a performance poet and CRM strategist who will be on board the trimaran Sea Runner for the three Floating Foundation medical aid expeditions in Tonga. Expedition 1 to Hunga, Expedition 2 to Matamaka and Expedition 3 to Otea, bringing medical supplies and a first line health and first aid training programme to villagers very far from the doctor. Each expedition will take two weeks. I’ll be covering the progress of the each new crew as we navigate between the islands and engage with the villagers and volunteers.

I’m somewhat surprised to find myself here with this energetic, good willed and tightly coiled crew led by the juggernaught captain Craig Koning. I have no sailing experience whatsoever. Yet when the possibility to join the crew arose I leapt at it, for life, for change, because of my Father and Tongan heritage, and to do something that felt worthwhile. I woo’ed Craig hard with the promise of great enthusiasm and talents I’d bring to the mission. Blogging being one of them, willingness to cook being another. Then it all happened slowly, then impossibly fast. I’m not complaining. Though I’ll admit to slight Eyore (from Winne the Pooh if you're the wrong generation) tendencies. Introversion and a hammock on lifetime lease in the sweet lagoon of melancholy.

The expeditions will be filled with the hard physical challenges of learning how to sail, experiencing another culture in the remote islands of Tonga, good and hopeful work, all surrounded by the sheer beauty of Vava’u. I’ve lived alone with my Burmese for two years, writing and going to work in a bubble of known pathways - this is going to be interesting. I will capture and relay the highlights, lowlights, milestones and bloopers, here, with blog and videos and cameos from the crew.

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