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From Tanzania to Tonga

In late 2015, I sent one of my oldest friends a birthday message. She was living and working in a school in Arusha, Tanzania. She replied with a job offer - fly all the way to Africa and work in the school alongside her. I did.

From January, 2016, I was working in Tanzania. I lived in the school, in a three room apartment - living room, bedroom, bathroom. We had two shared kitchens for use for all the volunteers. One had a shared cooking system, where everyone chipped in thousands of Tanzanian shillings each week for a shopping run, then cooked once or twice a week for the entire group.

My office had about 40 workers, mostly Tanzanian, with about 10-15 international volunteers. It quickly became a normal 9-5 office job, with worries about the photocopier, missing Post-it notes, and gossipy chats around the "chai" table (sweet Tanzanian tea).

It quickly became routine - work Monday to Friday, shop on Saturdays, go to a restaurant, relax and do washing on Sundays. A normal-ish life.

I did get to see some traditional Tanzanian delights - I went on safari to Kambi ya Tembo National Park, I climbed the active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai, and visited popular neighbouring towns Karatu and Moshi. For some local delights, one couldn't pass up visiting "Goat Street", or eating at the world's best burger joint, Wrap.

But by January 2017, the sea was calling me again. So here I am now. Working 8am-10pm, Monday to Monday, with three international volunteers. We don't have a photocopier, precious few Post-its, and no sweet tea. I shop when I can, have no money to visit restaurants, and there's no time relax - but I don't want to. The Floating Foundation has a mission, and the expedition isn't going to run itself.

It's time for a real adventure.

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