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Founder Craig Koning Delivers Speech at Pacific Medical Student's Association Conference

The Floating Foundation founder, Craig Koning, was invited as a guest speaker to the Southern Hemisphere Medical Camp conference, hosted by the Pacific Medical Student's Association in December.

The Association provides a foundation of opportunities, advocacy and networks between medical students across the Pacific region to make clear that the practice of medicine transcends borders, and will ensure that in times of great need medical assistance will be provided by all neighbouring countries.

Considering Craig's work in the health sector of remote Pacific islands, and his mission to improve the Pacific peoples access to healthcare and treatment, it is no surprise he was asked to share his experiences.

"I wanted to inspire young medical medical students to take on bigger challenges in the South Pacific, because there is a big need for attention, and for young people to solve problems. For example, there are only three psychologists in Fiji, and none at all in Tonga. Neither islands have child psychologists." Said Craig.

Craig centred his speech around the Floating Foundation's mission to provide remote outer island villages in the South Pacific with the knowledge and means to care for one another, and the role the Floating Foundation plays in bridging the gap between cultures, health, and science. He was blown away by the positive response he received.

"My goal was to raise awareness for our cause, and to inspire the students to take on challenges of their own. What happened was a host of other speakers, lecturers, students and health professionals put their hands up to get involved in some way. We are currently working on several amazing collaborations, and will be expanding our reach to include Fiji in 2018."

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