The ocean is responsible for life

And the Pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean. Like communities who call it home, the Pacific connects us, gives us warmth, weather, and food. It's also on the frontlines of the fight for the world. The Pacific Ocean isn't a microcosm of the planet - it is the planet.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.
Arthur C. Clarke

We are a dedicated platform that connects scientists, doctors, and communities, in an attempt to galvanise a new group of caregivers of the ocean. 


We invite you to join and support us, keep scrolling to see the challenges we face and the projects we support in the search for solutions.

"It is the responsibility of all to engage in safeguarding our oceans."

What are we doing?

PLASTIC pollution

We have worked to support new methods and research into micro-plastics around reefs in the Pacific.
Exploring seabeds, sea surface and beach sediments to discover the extent of this toxic plastic pollution.

Our goal is to to expand this research to new island groups and influence legislation around waste management.


We support the needs of remote communities by establishing 'island medics'.

This program brings self-reliance in a world where the doctor is an ocean ride away.
With new comprehensive medical kits, the village can respond better to emergencies and make wiser decisions about health.

The next step is to educate and empower communities to be caretakers for their reefs and oceans.

Marine life

In 2016, we worked to understand the effects of human activity on humpback whales.

Now, we are laying the groundwork for new marine reserves and working with scientists to find the best solutions.

In 2018 we will work with local fisheries officers, training them to conduct their own reef assessments in their newly established, community led marine reserves.

How do we do this?

We can't do this alone. It takes months of work from a dedicated team. Running our vessel requires skills, funding and the stuff dreams are made of.

We rely on volunteers, sponsors, partner organisations to make this happen.


Lets bring in a future we are proud of