Climate change, rising sea levels, overfishing, and plastic pollution threaten the Pacific Ocean. Obesity, poverty, and inadequate healthcare threaten the wellbeing of thousands of island communities. 

In 2014, Craig Koning sailed a 30-ft wooden yacht to Tonga. This was the humble beginning of a global initiative to bring community action to the Pacific Ocean. Drawing on friends, family, and resources from around the globe, Craig and the team at the Floating Foundation have operated their mobile floating research platform through three successful expeditions.

In 2017, the Foundation's medical outreach program visited every outer island village in Vava'u, Tonga. Almost 100 Tongan volunteers were trained in first aid techniques and medical escalation procedures, empowering them to provide emergency and palliative care to their outer island communities.

Also in 2017, a Ph.D researcher from the Leigh Marine Observatory in New Zealand lived on board our mobile platform. From our custom-built onboard laboratory, she conducted sample gathering and analysis in search of microplastics in Pacific waters. This follows our successful 2016 research on humpback whale behaviour. 

2018 brings exciting challenges for the Floating Foundation. We're getting a new boat. We're working with international partners to further our positive impact in the Pacific. We're looking for new and old volunteers to join us in the adventure of a lifetime.

Research. Charity. Adventure.

The Floating Foundation.